• We ensure that all wood being used is purchased only from government licensed loggers.
  • The use of certain imported woods such as Honduran Mahogany or Brazilian Mahogany are environmentally irresponsible and are contributing to the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest. Responsible companies will use African Mahogany instead, it is beautiful, abundant and harvested with U.S. approval.
  • “Repurposed” woods such as Antique Heart Pine and Antiqued Chestnut are re-used from old barn floors.
  • Avoid finishes using lacquer, polyester or conversion varnish as they pollute the air when applied. Look for finishes that are oil-based such as tung oil & linseed oil, which has few thinning agents and is of the lowest VOC rating during application. It is non-toxic, food prep safe, and a very resilient great finish. It can also be easily renewed using finish restoring oil.
  • When making wood worktops & floors, all wood cut-offs can be repurposed or recycled, never going to waste.
  • We apply Japanese F**** Bond Like Kony & Koyo & Aica &  P.I. or Finland Dynea Bond or Germany Henkel Bond.


Even better, proper forest management can benefit the environment by reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As mature trees are harvested, younger trees that take their place consume a much larger volume of carbon dioxide to support both trunk and leaf development, and more than 95 percent of the bark and wood residues generated by lumber and plywood production are reused for energy and in other products.The demand for eco-friendly solutions in today’s kitchen and bath designs has led to an overwhelming array of products that claim to serve that particular niche. One material that is – and always has been – environmentally friendly is wood. Not only does wood introduce a warm, natural element to any room, it also offers a functional, high-performance worktops & floors that can last generations. Wood can be harvested, replanted, and renewed to an almost limitless degree. With advances in sustainable forestry and harvesting practices, wood products can be obtained with a minimal impact on the environment.

WoodYouLike Factory also offers wood certified by PEFC, a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of forests. PEFC ensures that the raw lumber products are sustainably produced and harvested. In addition, there are a number of plantation-grown products that are farmed and replenished on an ongoing basis. These include teak and bamboo.

We consider wood to be heirlooms that can last generations. A properly manufactured counter or butcherblock & floors can be used for decades with just a little regular care and maintenance. And even if it outlives its usefulness as a counter, worktops & floors can be repurposed or recycled with a minimal impact on the environment.

After all, unlike many of the raw materials used today, wood actually does grow on trees.