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Due to the development of our market for wood floor & worktops, we decides to employ some sales persons to work together with our current team in our HQ huzhou city & some material purchaser in Northeast China.

1) 1 sales manager & 3 salesman

for sales manager, he should be familiar with our products & production skills & target markets in EU & USA. Also he should know how to make the team better & more powerful on  seeking more potential clients & maintain connection with our good friends.

For salesman, just need good speaking english skills. If you have any good markets to share with us, also welcome to join our team.

2) Factory Purchasing Department Manager  

Experience in lumber cost for regular solid wood like oak, walnut, acacia, teak, kempas, merbau, jatoba, balsamo, wenge, cumaru, ipe, lapacho, doussie & plywood cost. If you have very good connection with enough material suppliers in China & Globally, our honor to join us.

3) Experienced workman

on finger joint prodution for wood floor & fjl panels. Should master skills to use all kinds of woodworking machine & know how to bring up some green hand.

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